Furniture Restoration in Sussex, Surrey, Kent and all London areas

Repairing and restoring your treasured antique furniture

Expert furniture restoration and repair services all across London, Sussex and Kent, including Chelsea, Kensington, Fulham, Hamersmith, Greenwich, Canterbury, Deal, Maidstone, Surrey and all London areas.

Furniture restoration in London, Sussex and Kent

Antique furniture can suffer in so many ways – from central heating drying it out, strong sunlight causing bleaching or fading, and damage from accidental knocks and chips.

In most cases, your much loved antiques can be restored to pristine condition using our wide range of restoration techniques. Our specialist craftsmen can often repair the damage caused by serious accidents, and even furniture badly affected by fire or flood can often be saved.

Removing layers of grime and old polish and restoring the natural lustre of the wood by French polishing can give a new lease of life to the most jaded and dull pieces of wooden furniture. For furniture that is simply suffering from the normal stresses and strains of everyday life, we also offer a stain removal service that can cope with even the most stubborn household stains on all wooden surfaces.

And all this may not be as expensive as you think – please call us for a free, no obligation estimate.

High quality upholstery repairs in London, Sussex & Kent

Different styles and the general condition of your furniture will require different techniques and our re-upholstery processes include any or all of the following:

  • Frame repairs and tightening of loose joints
  • Webbing & base Hessian repair or replacement as necessary
  • Springing – replacement or repair of worn or broken springing
  • Stuffing & Padding
  • Deep Buttoning
  • Top cover & finishing

It is not always clear at first glance what processes we will need to carry out, which is why we always include a preliminary extensive inspection.  We can then give our customers complete assurance that whatever needs repairing, it will be properly and expertly carried out.


I’m really impressed at how well you matched the veneer – if I didn’t know exactly where to look I’d never notice the repair at all.

Wallice has been my go-to guy for antique furniture restoration for over 30 years, and he never ceases to amaze me with his skill and knowledge. I’d never recommend anyone else!

Thanks again for all your hard work, I’ll definitely be recommending you to friends and have a couple more things I’ll be bringing to you myself too!


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