Chair Caning Services in Sussex, Surrey, Kent and all London areas

Expert repair and replacement of Natural Rush, Fibre Rush, Seagrass, Danish Cord & Cotton cord.

Expert chair caning and re-caning services all across London, Sussex and Kent, including Chelsea, Kensington, Fulham, Hamersmith, Greenwich, Canterbury, Deal, Maidstone, Surrey and all London areas.

The Chair Caning Workshop is known for it’s expertise in the art of chair caning. Our skills and craftsmanship have been passed down from father to son over generations and our family business repairs and restores both antique and contemporary caned furniture, as well as Natural Rush, Fibre Rush, Seagrass, Danish Cord & Cotton cord.

All repair works carried out in our busy workshop are completed using high quality materials and are all carried out by hand. We work with major upholsterers, interior designers and antique dealers as well as with the general public. All types of cane work can be undertaken, including basic, blind and danish cord, medallion, natural and fibre rush, sea grass and pre-woven cane.

Rush chairs can appear deceptively simple to restore, however it is impossible to replace broken strands individually so a rush seat always needs to be completely woven. Each rush varies in thickness and some expertise is required to weave them together to maintain a uniform, neatly woven appearance. The crucial element is getting the tension right – tight enough not to sag but with enough ‘play’ to allow stuffing of the pockets that will be created inside the weave.

There is usually a noticeable difference between the work of an expert and that of a craftsperson of moderate skill! When first completed a rushed chair shows the many shades of colour ranging from the predominant green to yellow and brown. With time these colours fade to the fawn shade we usually associate with rush.

Pricing Guide:

While every chair is unique, we are often asked for average cost for different types of chair. Please bear in mind that these are estimates, and the size shape and type of cane are all factors that may affect the price for your unique project:

  • Cane bedroom chairs, approx. £90.00 each
  • Cane dining chairs, approx. £110.00 each
  • Spider-web backs and medallion centre backs £1.50. per hole
  • Natural rush dining room size chairs, approx. £130.00 each
  • Sea-grass chairs, approx. £90.00
  • Fibre rush chairs, approx. £100.00
  • Danish cord chairs, approx. £120.00
  • Cane headboards £1.30 per hole



I’m really impressed at how well you matched the veneer – if I didn’t know exactly where to look I’d never notice the repair at all.

Wallice has been my go-to guy for antique furniture restoration for over 30 years, and he never ceases to amaze me with his skill and knowledge. I’d never recommend anyone else!

Thanks again for all your hard work, I’ll definitely be recommending you to friends and have a couple more things I’ll be bringing to you myself too!


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